Issue 2, April 30, 2003

Current Project Status

The exterior and interior design options for your Toon's house are the current primary focus. We've already completed several house models, but there's still a few in the works. Lots of furniture pieces have been spec'ed out, and we've got even more designed on paper. The banking and closet interfaces are also finished, but we still need to hook these up to model.

Now that your Toon has a place to call home, he/she needs a way to get there. Some Toon animations are in progress - they can currently open closets and walk through doorways. Sitting on chairs and sofas is still in the very early stages of development (a Toon's gotta rest!). The ability to travel home via teleporting is working, and we'll be adding a

"Go Home" button to the map page. Finally, your friends will be able to teleport to your house when you are home - start planning your house-warming party!

Thanks for keeping up-to-date on our status. We hope you have enjoyed this peek into the new and exciting housing developments!

- Toontown Development Team

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