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Since the public release in 2003 and all the way until the shutdown in 2013, Toontown Online has changed. This page will focus on the differences between those versions.

Last updated: 9/10/2018
2003-2013 Miscellaneous

2003-2006 Description 2011-2013
The font color for True Friends used to be a darker blue,
until it was changed to the same font color as the main
player's Toon.

The font colors for Toon and NPC names used to be like this:
Toon names: Orange
NPC names: Green
Later in the game's lifespan, it turned into the opposite case.

When the game was released to the public, level 7 Gags were
not present in the game. It wasn't until late 2006/early 2007
that they were added to Test Toontown and eventually
the main version of Toontown.
The original Pick-A-Toon was more square and formal like,
until Disney changed it to something wackier and with more personality.
When the game released, there were a few species missing
that were added later on. Your toon was also naked before you reached
the clothing section.
This may have been a 2003 exclusive, but the fishing originally was
based on a crank mechanic. It was later changed to a click and drag
system with more control over where you aim. There was also no jellybean jar
and bucket displayed, however theoretically it still charged jellybeans and
there was a limit to how many fish you can carry.

  • SpeedChat Plus was not present back in 2003. You could only type freely to True Friends.
  • Doodles' font color was also green.
  • You were able to make your toon's name all lowercase in the original Make-A-Toon.