Toontown Beta Trailer

Last updated: 10/31/2018

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Hello Toons! It's been over a month since the last website update! We are truly sorry, but we just didn't really find the time to work on the site.
However, we will make another article soon, so stay tuned for that one!

This article will discuss some interesting moments from the 2002 beta trailer! If you want to watch for yourself, download it here.

This first image shows us the beta Toontown Central populated with a couple of toons in the background. Notice that all of the nametags are dark blue, like the True Friend font color from 2003.

The next image shows us Cogs during a fight. Apparently, their suit type was not on their nametags in the Beta (for example, there is no Cashbot title on the Bean Counter's nametag).

This image showcases Donald's Dreamland, and while it doesn't look very different, you can see that Donald wore his normal clothes, instead of his PJs like in 2003.

This image consists of the beta Make-A-Toon, which confirms that the plausible Make-A-Toon beta material is indeed from the beta!

This image shows us the floor of the Cog boss of a building. The text is very much from the final version, except it's missing a punctuation in the sentence.

This image shows The Brrrgh playground. Pluto used to walk around, and you can even notice a igloo in the distance instead of the Toon HQ.

In this image you can see the beta capitalization of Cogs (COGS) and the fishing pond not being present. Instead, the pond is a flat texture.

You can see a toon standing on the Merry-Go-Round which was also present in 2003, but it was removed later on.

The last image is simply a toon getting fired from a cannon with no animation. That's about it.

Thanks for reading our first article after our hiatus! We are sorry for the long wait, but we hope to provide more content!

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