Toontown France

Last updated: 9/26/2018

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It's truly amazing how the community keeps finding lost files! This time, we have the Toontown France files!

Toontown France was another regional server of Toontown Online for... well, France. Just like Toontown Japan, it was shut down before the international servers.

Recently, Nickbrick from MMOCentralForums uploaded ALL the files, including the complete phase files (unlike the recently uploaded Toontown Japan files). So, here are all the textures changed for the French version of Toontown.

Again, check out the original MMOCentralForums thread here to get a download.

That's quite a lot of textures! They all are cool, especially the Cashbot HQ Euro ones. Anyways, here are some videos of the game:

Thank you all so much for reading! It is really great how many lost files are recovered! Hopefully this will lead us closer to full Toontown Japan textures, other region server files or even beta assets!

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