Old beta images from SWF files: Part 3?

Last updated: 9/21/2018

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This is going to be a quick article. While going through a unofficial SWF file, we found some cool photos we would like to share!

All of the pictures shown are in black and white, since the SWF file was going for a 1930s reel style, but they are from a March 2003 version (sv1.4.17) so they count as beta images.

The first image showcases the trolley. While there's nothing special about the image, it's shown here because we forgot to mention.. in 2003, toons stood on the trolley instead of sitting on it!

This image shows Goofy in Daisy Gardens! Goofy used to be in Daisy Gardens, before he was replaced by Daisy and put into Goofy Speedway.

This image has nothing much, expect for the speech bubble on the right, which uses the beta design.

The final image shows a glitch. Nothing else.

Thanks for reading this quick article!

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