Old beta images from SWF files

Last updated: 9/10/2018

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So a few months ago, we have stumbled upon old SWF files from the Toontown Beta days on MMOCentralForums (formerly known as ToontownCentral), grabbed them and didn't think much of them... until today.

Now this isn't some groundbreaking relevation (heck, people have known about those SWF files for years) but we wanted to document these interesting photos. So we grabbed a SWF decompiler, extracted the images and took a look.


The first image shows the beta Make-A-Toon (shown in the previous article). It looks VERY different from the public release. Looks more like a prototype or a concept.

The next image shows a early version of Toontown Central, again, very different from the public release. It seems to be a more central design (*wink wink*). The nametags (that were using Comic Sans MS instead of Impress BT) and the Laff Meter were more primitive and simple too.
Also the Toons in the picture have colored gloves, but the feature was cut later in development.

The trolley also looked different, with a very low quality textured sign that said "GAMES TROLLEY". The public release read "Trolley Games" and was text on a texture of a sign, rather than the text and the sign being one texture.
The Trolley itself seemed to have different colors for the sign and the seating too.

The Toontown Race Game originally had cogs in it. They were probably there to chase after the toons and add some difficulty to the minigame.

This image showcases a dog with a Seltzer Bottle attacking a Big Wig. The notable thing about this picture is that, the Seltzer Bottle used to have a knockback animation, similar to a cut animation for the Fire Hose (later re-added in Toontown Rewritten).
The Big Wig also seems to have a Sellbot suit on in this picture, despite being a Lawbot Cog. (Maybe he was a Bossbot Cog in the beta?) They later changed his suit to the Lawbot one in the public release.

This picture has some interesting changes. For one, the chat box is different and goes for a bar design, and the speech bubbles, again, use a different font. There also seems to be some early clothing that was cut. This image also features different GUI textures, that were also seen in image #2.

In this image, we get to see the adding friends functionality, with a different looking pop-up and the chat box in this image is closer to the public release. In this image, we get to see Flippy adding a player to their friends list. Either Flippy had a different design or it was a random player. The buildings also have no signs on them, indicating they were empty (or did not have signs yet).

The final image showcases the beta map with some differences. For one, Toontown Central uses the beta design on the map. Daisy Gardens was called "Daisy's Garden" and Donald's Dreamland had no other streets, besides the one connecting to Minnie's Melodyland.

That is all for the second article of ToontownDB. Tune in next time for part 2 to get a look at the other images for the other SWF file!

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